MIKE CHASTAINE strongly believes that applied knowledge is power.  He spent the first part of his legal career learning how to be a warrior in the courtroom.  He honed his skills as an attorney to provide the best legal representation available.  As a business owner and entrepreneur, he committed himself to learning how to make his firm profitable while enjoying the benefits that a well-run law firm can provide.

Mike is committed to helping educate solo and small law firm owners avoid the pitfalls found in practicing law and running a successful business. Mike shares his knowledge and wisdom with those interested in finding a better way.




Mike loves to entertain lawyers with thrilling tales of adventure while weaving in life lessons and helping you build your business while gaining more free time and quality of life.



After 30 years of practice and reaching the pinnacle of financial success and quality of life balance, Mike is offering 1:1 coaching for a select few candidates.



Mike has combined over 30 years of experience and has culled success nuggets from 100's of books.  His books help you avoid pitfalls and fast-track your success!