MIKE CHASTAINE strongly believes that applied knowledge is power.  He spent the first part of his legal career learning how to be a warrior in the courtroom.  He honed his skills as an attorney to provide the best legal representation available.  As a business owner and entrepreneur, he committed himself to learning how to make his firm profitable while enjoying the benefits that a well-run law firm can provide.

Mike is committed to helping educate solo and small law firm owners avoid the pitfalls found in practicing law and running a successful business. Mike shares his knowledge and wisdom with those interested in finding a better way.


As a consultant, mentor, and coach I start by determining what you want to accomplish.  We don’t worry about the “how”, we just discuss the outcome.  Then we reverse engineer it to figure out how to get there.  

I will provide a customized one-on-one program that will help you work through the blocks that get in the way of your success.

Using proven business principals and well-established systems, I help you build your firm so that it makes money even when you are on vacation.  I don’t sell expensive software or fancy courses.  I help you find the path to your goals.

I work with you to develop the lifestyle that you want to live and turn your firm into a truly profitable asset.

Law school does not prepare attorneys to be business owners. There are few resources available and those that are often don’t work because they don’t cater to individual needs. Where do you go to learn the necessary skills that will work for you?

MC CONSULTING WAS CREATED TO MEET THAT NEED. Mike simplifies the process for success so that anyone who is willing to do the necessary work can live the life of their dreams.

why work with a consultant?

I am a consultant, a mentor and  a coach.  While slightly different in meaning, as a practical matter these words all express the same desire – to help solo and small law firm owners to live the life that they want by making their firm profitable and efficient.  I will use these words interchangeably to cover all of these ideas.

My entire life I have had great mentors.  Every major turning point in my career – both as a lawyer and an entrepreneur happened with the guidance of a mentor.  The best athletes in the world have coaches.  Having a trusted consultant makes a huge difference in the success of any business and greatly speeds up the process. If you own a law firm, you are a business owner that provides legal services. You know that law school did not teach you how to actually run a law firm. If you have never owned a business before you will certainly benefit from the experience of someone who has been in the trenches and won. A consultant cares about your outcome and is willing to take the time and effort to guide you to success.  People who fail often try to do it alone.  No successful person did it without someone supporting and helping them along the way.

Why doesn’t everyone have a “consultant".

There are three  principal reasons: Ego, lack of confidence and unfamiliarity.


Many people have this false belief that they must do it all on their own or they spend all of their time micromanaging everything because they can’t let go. Consider this - life is short.  While it may be possible to go it alone, that is a slow boat.  Why not speed up the journey?  Experience matters. Time spent working with a mentor can save you time and money, and lots of unnecessary grief.

Lack of confidence

Some people are held back because they are afraid to fail, afraid to explore new ideas, or afraid to move forward before everything is perfect. Those are all huge mistakes. The best way to build confidence is to have an expert help you.  Someone who is on your team, who has traveled down the same road and can help guide you to success.  Nothing kills confidence more than getting stuck in the waiting or procrastinating game.


Most business owners have never had a real consultant, mentor or coach so they don’t know what to do or what to expect.  This is easily solved with an open conversation that will quickly determine your goals and provide a game plan to reach them.


Michael Chastaine - a most interesting and entertaining speaker

Mike Chastaine is an award-winning attorney, speaker and author.   Mike enjoys sharing his unique perspective on success and how to live a full and fulfilling life to the enjoyment of crowds everywhere. He is a gifted storyteller with exciting and interesting tales to tell.

Mike has the ability to take complex ideas and simplify them so that they are easily understandable and actionable. He draws on his experiences as a nationally recognized trial lawyer and an extreme endurance athlete to weave together stories that exemplify the blueprint for success.

  • Nationally Recognized criminal defense attorney
  • Founder of Chastaine Law (now Chastaine|Jones) – chosen “Best Criminal Defense firm in Northern California" in 2020 and 2021 by New World Report
  • LEA award winning author of multiple books
  • Creator of "20 Minutes with Mike" video's
  • Entrepreneurial Attorney of the year finalist in 2017 and 2018
  • Elite extreme endurance athlete; mountain bike racer; National Ski Patrol Alumni


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