“Mike and I have shared over a decade of brainstorming on entrepreneurial success tips, ski patrol and endurance racing adventures and a wonderful friendship. I’m so impressed with his new book and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to create the business AND life of their dreams.”

Jim Kaspari

PEAK Business Coaching and Author: PEAK Profits

“Michael Chastaine has written a book of tremendous value to Attorneys who find themselves working hard across America. This is the book attorneys should read to put their priorities straight and regain control of their lives. Too many attorneys teach that you must sacrifice your life in this profession. Michael has laid down the working road map that can give attorneys career satisfaction, profitability and happy clients. This is a great guide to keep handy and use it frequently.”

William Ausman

Law Offices of William Ausman

“I highly recommend LegalEase as Mike Chastaine summarizes excellent materials and easily gets to the point on all the different aspects in running a law practice. This book provides practical suggestions for more profitable management of available time and focused work. I found this book to be a valuable source for our office staff training.”

Diana Figueroa, Esq.

Figueroa Law Group

“I read your book “Legalease.” It was a quick read, and full of great ideas on how to streamline the life of being a law firm owner. Your reading list was excellent. I’ve read many of the books you recommended and second the recommendations. Your personal narratives showing the reader how the advice you are giving worked in your own life were engaging and illustrative. All in all, it is a necessary read for anyone who wants to move their firm from a job with a crazy boss, to a business.”

Miranda McCroskey

Founder and Lead Attorney

“If you want to discover how to maximize your personal potential as the owner of a small law firm, then Mike Chastaine’s book LegalEase is a must-read. The lessons Mike reveals to you come from his experience and dedication to improving every day. I’ve personally witnessed Mike transform himself and his practice. While he was once in Chaos, now he is free. If you implement Mike’s teachings, you can have his life too.

Richard James

Your Practice Mastered, LLC