One Size Does Not Fit All

One Size Does not Fit all

We are all unique.  As a result, what works for me might not work as well for you.  Or you might believe that certain ways of doing things just won’t work for you, at least not right now.  For example, some people feel that they can’t get up early in the morning so a morning routine would not work for them.  Certain people feel that they do their best work in the evening or at night – they are night owls so to speak.  When something gets done is not as important as the fact that it gets done.

One of the reasons that I wrote LegalEase – the Ultimate Guide on How to Survive a Law Practice is to emphasize that there are many ways to do things and that one strategy does not work for everyone.  And, just as important, not every strategy works all the time.  To follow my morning routine example: Getting up early, exercising, mediating, and writing has worked very well for me.  But I am aware that this is not for everyone.  If you have small children, it may be a real challenge to have time in the morning to work out or mediate or do anything that would require solitude.  However, there may be time at another point during the day that you can carve out for yourself to do the things that one needs to grow, learn or improve.  The key is to determine what works for you and at what that time is best given you responsibilities and commitments.  Once you have developed a routine that is productive and can work for you stick to it as much as is logistically possible.

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